Maybe winter is fast approaching and you still have no way to heat your home. You might not have a chimney or even a fireplace, but you desperately want something more homey than a space heater or wall thermostat. Luckily, you have options.

The electric fire comes in many different shapes and sizes. It mimics regular fires in that it has a flame, gives off heat, and can even closely resemble the appearance of a fire in a fireplace.

Some electric fires come in the form of inserts where you directly install the logs in your fireplace. Other fires come in the shape of a wood stove, are portable, and can nestle in a corner or up against a wall. The choice is yours.

We have put together a couple things you should consider before making the big purchase, and then created a list of five different quiet electric fires we think would be good choices.

Electric FirePhotoDetailsPrice
FDW Electric Fire HeaterFWD Electric Fireplace Heater 20Width: 20 inches
Sound Level: Under 37 dB
Heating area: Up to 200 sq. ft.
Power: 1400 W / 4780 BTUs
Temperature: 68°F to 95°F
Voltage: 110 V
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Dimplex Multi-Fire XD Electric Fire BoxDimplex PF3033HL Multi-Fire XD 33Width: 33 inches
Sound Level: Silent without fan, very quiet with fan
Heating area: Up to 1,000 sq. ft.
Power: 1500 W / 5118 BTUs
Voltage: 120 V
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Dimplex RevillusionDimplex Revillusion 20-Inch Electric Fireplace Log Set (RLG20)Width: 20 inches
Sound Level: Quiet with heater, silent without
Heating coverage: Up to 400 square feet
Power: 1500 W / 5118 BTUs
Voltage: 120 V
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ZOKOP Electric Fireplace InsertZOKOP 120V Electric Fireplace Insert Logs with Realistic Ember Bed, 23''W Fireplace Insert Log Heater with Remote Controller,1400W BlackWidth: 23 inches
Sound Level: Approx. 45 dB
Power: 1400W
Voltage: 120 V
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Classic Flame 3D Infrared Quartz Electric FireClassic Flame 23II042FGL 23Width: 23 inches
Sound Level: Very quiet
Heating area: Up to 1,000 sq. ft.
Power: 1500 W / 5,200 BTUs
Voltage: 120 V
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Quietest Electric Fire 2024

Now that you know a little more about what to look for in an electric fire, here is a list of five products we have put together.

FDW 20″ Electric Fire Heater with Thermostat and Realistic Log Flame Effect

FDW Electric Fireplace Heater 20" Freestanding Fireplace Stove Portable Space Heater with Thermostat and Realistic Log Flame Effect

This quiet electric fireplace is fairly lightweight, weighing only 13 pounds. Because of its compact and small design, it is easy to move around. It produces a sound less than 37 decibels, and no exhaust.

It operates under an automatic shutoff once the internal temperature gets to high. It is easy to install and has a beautiful freestanding design, complete with a classic metal fiish and copper effect handles.

This electric fire is powered with a 1400W/4780BTU electric heater, enabling it to easily heat up 200 square feet in a room. You can adjust the electric fireplace’s thermostat between 68 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Its lightweight and smaller nature makes it easy to move around the house to heat up different rooms.
  • The automatic shut off keeps your home safer from an accidental fire.
  • The power from the electric heater can warm up to 200 square feet within the range of 68 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • It is shaped like a wood stove and would not fit into a fireplace.
  • The cord might get a little hot.

Dimplex Multi-Fire XD 33″ Electric Fire Box with Faux Logs Bed

Dimplex PF3033HL Multi-Fire XD 33" Electric Firebox with Faux Logs Bed

This heater is set on a timer so that it delivers heat until the timer shuts off, making it a safe appliance to have in the house. You can also choose to have the flames running without the heater producing any heat.

The heater is very environmentally friendly, considering there are no emissions or particulates. It efficiently heats the room because it is 11% more efficient than the leading quartz infrared heater.

You can plug the heater into any standard household outlet, making it a versatile stove to have in any room of your house.

The front glass remains cool as there is no flame heat or emission. You can adjust the flame according to the mood and your tastes, producing a natural wood burning fire, or more ambient vibrant flames.


  • The stove heats the room on a set timer for added safety.
  • It is a very efficient heater and does not heat up on the outside, making it great for eco-friendly homes and families with young children.
  • You can easily adjust the look of the flame, and choose to not have any heat emitted at all.
  • Completely silent when the fan is not on, very silent with the fan


  • It’s the most expensive electric fire on our list.
  • It needs to be positioned in a fireplace in order to look right.
  • The reflective mirror might be distracting and unappealing.

Dimplex Revillusion 20-Inch Electric Fireplace Log Set

Dimplex Revillusion 20-Inch Electric Fireplace Log Set (RLG20)
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This electric heater comes in the shape of a log set, which you insert into your fireplace. Because of the innovative flame technology, you will see brighter and larger flames that closely resemble real flames. The effect of the flames are projected onto a mirage panel, and the heater is designed to produce enough quality heat to heat up 400 square feet in any given room.

There is no assembly required. The heater measures 19 inches by 23.75 inches by 12.5 inches, and comes with a multi-function remote control. It weighs 11 pounds.


  • There is no assembly required before installing the electric heater.
  • The heater can warm a room up to 400 square feet.
  • The flames and the log set very closely mimic that of a real fire in a fireplace.


  • The logs must go in a fire place.
  • The price tag might be a little too high.
  • There are only two settings: low and high.

ZOKOP Electric Fire Insert Logs with Realistic Ember Bed

ZOKOP 120V Electric Fireplace Insert Logs with Realistic Ember Bed, 23''W Fireplace Insert Log Heater with Remote Controller,1400W Black

In this electric fire heater, there is an eternal flame that grows from a simulated wood ember bed. It sits in a black grate, and is designed to fit in a fireplace. The flame is very realistic, does not create any air pollution, and offers 1400w heat.

The ZOKOP is CSA certified, and has an automatic shut off for extra safety and protection, making it safe to use. It comes already assembled and ready to go. You can adjust the settings using the control panel or remote control.

The classic design is simple and elegant.


  • Glowing embers create for a more realistic fire.
  • It ships already assembled.
  • The automatic shut off makes it a safe appliance to have in the house unattended.


  • Must go in the fireplace.
  • The front vent is a little bit unattractive and takes away from the glow of the embers and the flame.

Classic Flame 23″ 3D Infrared Quartz Electric Fireplace Insert

Classic Flame 23II042FGL 23" 3D Infrared Quartz Electric Fireplace Insert with Safer Plug and Sensor, 1500 W, 23 inches

This electric fire heater comes in many different sizes. The patent pending 3D flame effect creates a realistic fire. You can adjust the brightness and speed of the flames cross five different settings.

The electric heater runs off of infrared quartz, which helps maintain the natural humidity that is already in the air. This means the room will not dry out as a result of the heater.

The 5,200 BTU heater can heat a room up to 1,000 suare feet. The plug is also patent pending, and has a special technology that monitors the temperature of the plug to prevent electrical fire or product or circuit damage. The patent pending safer sensor fire prevention technology also alerts you when something is obstructing the heater and the heater will automatically shut off.


  • This heater has numerous safety features to prevent any component of the heater from getting too hot and causing a fire.
  • The infrared heat helps to regulate the humidity levels in the room.
  • The 5,200 BTU spec allows the heater to heat up spaces up to 1,000 square feet.


  • The remote control might only work if you are very close to the heater.
  • The heater might not last a long time before having problems.
  • Some might think the top of the heater and the vent is unattractive with the digital temperature always showing.

How To Choose the Best Quiet Electric Fire

When choosing an electric fire, you need to consider a couple different things:

  • How big your room is
  • Whether or not you have a fireplace
  • What kind of flame you want
  • Safety features of the electric fire

The size of the room will help determine what your electric fire needs to be able to do. Some heaters can heat rooms up to 1,000 square feet while others are only good for up to 200 square feet.

Do you have a fireplace? If so, you can pick an electric fire insert that will fit perfectly in your fireplace. If not, you will want to look at electric fire stoves, which can sit in the corner or up against a wall in your room.

You also need to consider what kind of flame you want. Some electric fires have different flame settings where you can adjust the size, color, brightness, and speed of the flames. Some inserts also have glowing embers for a more realistic fire.

Perhaps the most important thing you need to know before you buy are the electric fire’s safety features. Does it shut off automatically when it reaches a certain temperature? Does the outside of the insert get warm to the touch? Is there an alert system set up in case the insert is obstructed by something and cannot properly ventilate?

Think about what type of electric fire will best suit your needs.

What Are the Advantages Of an Electric Fire?

While electric fires can end up being more expensive than natural gas or propane, there are still many reasons to have one.

For one, they do not produce any air pollutants or odors, making them a greener choice for the eco-friendly household.

You can turn them on and off at your leisure, and because there is no real flame, there is less risk of a fire happening.

You do not need a fire place, can easily control the temperature settings, and even run the flame without any heat being emitted.

Some quiet electric fires are portable, allowing you to move the electric fire heater from one room to another, depending on your needs.

Most electric fires plug directly into your wall, making them very easy to install.

What To Look For In an Electric Fire?

The first thing you need to look at are the safety features. Some electric fires have automatic shutoffs when the internal temperature gets too hot while others only have alerts. Some can sense objects near them and will shut off automatically.

You also need to look at the overall look of the electric fire insert. Aside from the heat it puts off, this is a very important thing to consider. The effect of your fire will come directly from the type of flames that are produced. Do you want more of a natural flame with glowing embers? Or do you want more of a hypnotic and brilliant flame that in no way resembles a regular fire?

You should also consider the type of fan that the electric fire has. Will it be quiet?

Best Ways To Use an Electric Fire

The most common way to use an electric fire is in your living room. You can put an insert in your fireplace, or set the electric fire wood stove up in a corner or against a wall.

It is designed to heat up your room much the same way a regular fire or space heater would. It is simply safer than a regular fire, and more aesthetically pleasing than a regular space heater.


Electric fires bring the cozy comfort of a regular fire without many of the added risks. While the above products would all work beautifully, we think the best bang for your buck quiet electric fire is the Classic Flame 23″ 3D Infrared Quartz Electric Fireplace.

This product has multiple safety features that shut the appliance off when obstructed or too hot, making it a great choice for a busy household. The infrared flames can easily heat up a large room up to 1000 square feet. You can easily adjust the size and the speed of the flame depending on the type of mood that you are in, making it both a practical and cozy quiet electric fire.